Thursday, June 30, 2011

La Trocka

It's Wednesday, and usually for us that means the truck comes. We go back and forth between the English version of "truck" and the Spanglish version of "trocka", but either way it has a way of causing a little excitement around our house.

My husband likes it because even though it carries mostly Mexican items, it supplies other Hispanic goods too and it comes to the house.  Big Brother likes it because of the cheap toys (always easily seen just as the door swings open).  Little Sister does not quite know what to make of this all yet, but likes the excitement and the barking of the dogs across the street whenever the truck pulls into the driveway.  I like it because I get to find out about some new-to-me, interesting, Latin American grocery store-type cosas, all while shopping in the privacy of my own yard.

The produce is usually fresh and much cheaper than we can find in the nearby grocery stores.  Besides food though, Ruben also carries hats, soccer balls, cds, toilet paper, laundry detergent, soap....if you can find it in a Mexican store, it's most likely in this one on wheels.  

I was able to get him to carry Bubu Lubus, that I found out about from Tracy at  Yum, yum! You should try them if you can find them! These candy bar-sort-of-chocolates can be addictive, however.  Ruben as well as others shared with me that many folks like to eat them straight from the freezer, but mi familia will eat them at room temperature as well!

He carries Mexican Coca Cola and some are even kept cold in the ice chest he keeps at the back of the truck.  That is my favorite thing from the truck, because the Cokes come in glass bottles, and taste so much better. Tonight as well as Coke, I was able to find some Jarritos and opted for the Tamarindo flavor.  The Sidral Mundet Apple Flavored Carbonated soda has been one of the most interesting finds. I was surprised at how good it was. (I got another one tonight.)

I feel blessed to not only have learned about the truck, but to now be on his route as well.  Do you have a trocka?  What are some interesting things you have tried or would suggest?


  1. we do not have that here.. but my grocery store has a section for just hispanics items.. flavors are different but so good!!.. I haven't tried Jarritos yet but now I'm curious to try it..

  2. You are soooooo lucky to have a trocka.

    Maybe it's good I don't. LOL. I would waste so much money and get fatter doing it ;)

    Enjoy a frozen Bubu Lubu for me, amiga!

  3. Gracias chicas! Wish you had a "trocka" tambien!