Monday, June 27, 2011

Futbol Connections

Ayer fuimos a comer nuestro almuerzo en a wonderful Mexican family restaurant, in the "big city" close to us. As we walked into the crowded dining area, we were greeted by the same mesera from last week. (My husband had joked last domingo that this would become our new tradition for Sunday lunch...I hope it's true!) 

We settled into our seats and Little Sister got herself comfortable. (Big Brother went with the abuelos today to spend time with his primitos who were in town.) After the yummy guacamole was made tableside, by Yuri the mesera, the charla turned to the Copa de Oro partido de USA y Mexico that we all saw the night before.  Little Sister had even seen most of it before drifting away to dormir, as did Big Brother. 

De repente ella vio el gran pantalla del telvisor en el restaurante and started clapping! She'd remembered watching the game the night before and cheering along with us whenever the USA scored their goals.  She recognized that what was showing on the TV was a soccer game too.  Little Sister just turned 1 in May, so it was interesante to see the connection she made.  Esta hijita is definitely on her way to learning some Spanglish, with this part of the culture already underway!

Did your kids get to watch the Copa de Oro con ustedes tambien?

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