Monday, May 28, 2012

Previewing Model Latina

Since my children and I were just invited to participate in a local fashion show, and we have a family member visiting us with fashion and modeling experience, I decided to check out Model Latina which airs on nuvoTV.  You too, can catch glimpses here:  for a Sneak Peak Preview  - Meet the Cast  

The first season was certainly reality television, but I appreciated that the contestants were not overly competitive with each other.  The girls wanted to win, but did not exhibit “catty” behavior to each other.  The main focus was on the assignments for each “mini-sode”, instead of the background behavior of those who want to be the next Model Latina.  Each girl accepted what the judges had to say and moved on with the next task, whether it was a new assignment, or returning home.

The writers of the show were quite creative with the tasks handed out to the competitors. I liked that the girls were given constructive criticism to know how to work harder on the next challenges.  I was surprised at the diversity of the experience of the girls involved in the same season. Some of the girls had never modeled before, while others brought years in the field, to the competition.  Despite their differences, many of them rose to the challenges set before them. 

I was impressed that the show focused on many of the aspects of the modeling industry that I had not considered. In addition to the already mentioned assignments, contestants were asked to pick out clothing for a partner, design and produce their own fashion show, pose without makeup in a natural setting, cook a dish, and promote themselves with slogans and business cards among many other things.

My son thought the mansion where the contestants were told they could have free reign, was one of his favorite parts of the show.  He thought the staircase, swimming pool, and bunk beds looked fun.  The girls seemed thrilled about their new living quarters too!

Beauty, grace, intelligence, and style are sought after qualities in the show.  Model Latina is a fun show and a great way for us to connect with our family member who has modeling experience. It is like looking through a window into what the fashion world looks and feels like.  All from the comfort of home, and with a Latina twist!

We will definitely be tuning in on Memorial Day and beyond to catch the new 5th season, from South Beach.  Which contestant do you want to win?

For more info on Model Latina, check out these links:  - Model Latina Facebook  - Model Latina Twitter  - Model Latina cast  

Disclosure: This post is compensated and in collaboration with nuvoTV and Latina Bloggers Connect.