Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Piñagua y Kid Wash for the Birthday Boy

  For Big Brother's 5th birthday, we decided to have a Fiesta de Agua theme. Since his cumpleaños is in July, it was just the right weather for such a party.  As the pictures show, there were various pools, sprinklers, tunnels, and even a Kid Wash (think Car Wash, but for the yard) that originated from a Family Fun issue we read this summer.
Kid Wash Made by Mi Esposo (idea from Family Fun Magazine issue)
Click the foto for detailed instructions from their website. We made various deviations from the original plans based on what was available in our local hardware store.  The kids had so much fun in it!

Notice the piñagua near the tree and truck. (We were too busy to get a better shot of it!)

The Family Fun issue also had what they called a Piñaqua, (think piñata, but this kind the dentist likes because there is no sugary candy, instead only water when it is burst) but I referred to it as a Piñagua during our party. (Again click the foto or the above link to see how Family Fun describes it!) The kids had such a good time hoping they would be the one to make a hole in the trashbag filled with water that was hanging from a tree.  It took about 5 children hitting it and then they each got wet from from the piñagua.  Finally it was time for water balloons.