Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Changes for Us in Going Back to School this Year

This year as we go back to school, things will be quite different.  I will return as an ESL teacher, my 5 year old (Big Brother) will go to all day 5K at the school I will start at, and Little Sister will be alone with her YaYa all day.

Last year Big Brother went to a local church's 4K preschool program five days a week, until 11:00am.  Mi esposo picked him up at school, then took him to YaYa.  I was still nursing (and pumping for) Little Sister and sometimes our paths briefly passed so that I could see him for a minute in the middle of the day before I returned to my next school.

YaYa is quite sad to know that the time is drawing near for Big Brother to be growing up and attending school for all-day.  See, YaYa (my momma) has kept him since I went back to work when my six-week maternity leave was finished.  She has been such a blessing! He has learned so much from time spent with her.

To be honest, I am grieving the end of the summer and all the good times the kids and I have had together.  I know more can be had, but there's just something about knowing you do not have to set an alarm clock and be somewhere at a certain time on most days of the summer.

This year will bring other changes too, I am sure, and some to be posted about at a later time.

I am grateful for this summer, and grateful for another scholastic year where I hope the students learn a great deal. I am sure I will learn just as much from my time spent with and planning for them!

Do you have any back-to-school jitters or rituals?  Do tell! 

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