Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Updates from Lango Kids Language Camp

We enjoyed ourselves, in the "big city", where we stayed with my aunt and uncle as Big Brother attended Lango Kids day camp recently to gain some motivation/excitement/stronger foundation in Spanish.  It was an interesting week for sure.  Big Brother learned lots in the mornings, and in the evenings we made time for fun outings that we do not normally get to do all during one week, like putt-putt, bowling, Monkey Joe's, and a picnic in the park!

I was thrilled to learn that Big Brother's teacher was a native of El Salvador, and Señora Paty, I could soon tell had a love for sharing Spanish with the little ones.  She had the room set up to reflect the Ocean theme and each day Big Brother would share a bit of the fun they had together with his class.

Big Brother especially enjoyed the music.  On the second day, the director of the program gave me a copy of the cd they were using, and we have been playing it at home to follow up on his learning time at camp.  The catchy tunes are just the kind I like, with familiar family/home words, but even more vocabulary interjected than I expected.

When Señora Paty shared with me how Big Brother was participating and attentive in class, I was thrilled when she informed that he had the best pronunciation from the class.  She could tell that he already had some familiarity with Spanish. I was so excited that something is sticking in that head of his! At this point I am realizing he indeed has more receptive language than expressive, so it is just a matter of time until he can show me more! I must stick with it if I want to see more results, I know!

So that's what I intend to do, even as the summer is winding down, and the craziness of back-to-school times are quickly approaching, I am vowing to myself and to you blog stick with even more exposure to Spanish for him AND Little Sister, and to have more expectations for him to respond to me in Spanish.

As always, I am open to suggestions in this journey.  Thanks for reading and suggesting! :)

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